Spirit of San Miguel - John Balamos

Out Of The Depths - John Balamos

Come Unto Me - John Balamos

In The Shelter of Thy Wings - John Balamos


Single Compositions:
  • Out Of The Depths - Choral Composition
  • Come Unto Me - Choral Composition
  • In The Shelter of Thy Wings - Choral Composition
  • Out of Thy Depths - Choral Composition
  • Africa - Choral Composition
  • Icy Rain - Vocal/Piano Composition
  • Most Attractive Woman - Vocal/Piano Composition
  • Encyclopedia - Vocal/Piano composition
  • When First I Saw Thee Graceful Move - Vocal/piano composition
  • Song Cycle for T.S. Eliot’s Preludes - Piano composition
  • Last Days of Constantinople - Piano solo
  • Dance of The Trolls - Children’s piano piece
Full Musical Score:
  • The Vegas Notion (Script/Musical Score)
  • English Muffins (Musical Score)
  • Garden of Sweets (Musical Score)
  • Shakespeare’s As You Like It (Musical Score)
  • Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night (Musical Score)
  • Glass Menagerie (Musical Score)
  • John Henry (Musical Play)
  • Hercules in New York (Movie Score)
  • Emmanuel (Musical Score)
  • Drum Taps (Musical adaption/play)
  • Gyrant The Terrible Tyrant (Musical Score)
  • Ballad of Fangless McRattle (Musical Score)
For more information regarding use of his compositions,
Contact Georgia Casciato at gcasciato@comcast.net or (630) 248-2484.